The Future of Dining

Coming 2019

FasTab is a payments app redefining your going-out experience at your favourite venues.

Never Wait For a Bill Again

FasTab allows you to view your bill in real time, settle from your phone whenever you are ready and receive an emailed copy of your receipt.

Earn Reward Points

FasTab allows you to collect and redeem reward points at all of your favourite venues.

Discover the City’s Best Venues

FasTab can be linked to your social networks to allow you to see venues that your friends have enjoyed!

Customizable Settings

From profile information to payment method to tips


How FasTab Works

1. Find your venue.
2. Start your tab and tell the server
you'll be paying with FasTab.
3. Monitor your tab in real-time.
When you're ready, pay with a previously
uploaded card and be on your way.
4. Rate your service, earn rewards and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you love the venue, sign up to receive their special promotions!

Search by Location and Cuisine

or set the mood with our “Vibe” filter


For Venues

What FasTab Does for You

Increases Your Revenue

FasTab allows going out to be a more personal and efficient experience for both your guests and your restaurant.

Markets Your Business

FasTab users collect points to redeem with our partnered Venues whenever they use our service! FasTab is also integrated with social media, allowing guests to see their friend’s favourite and recommended FasTab venues, as well as promoting FasTab venues through our app and social platforms.

Increases Your Efficiency

By allowing your guests to view their bill in real time and settle it whenever they’re ready, FasTab increases your staff’s ability to turn more tables. They can then focus on revenue-increasing activities, and providing exceptional service!

Enhances Your Business

Track staff performance through ratings and sales, and see which dishes and drinks your guests love and prefer. FasTab also increases your engagement by providing you with all guest feedback and the ability to privately respond.

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