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Our system is the fastest and easiest way to pay at restaurants. Customers scan a QR code to view menus and tabs, and can split or pay bills in 10 seconds.

Unleash Restaurant Profits: Strategies That'll Flood Your Till!

The traditional methods: waning effectiveness?

Does my Google Business Profile Matter?

Think of it as the digital business sign of the modern age. Guests can learn all kinds of things...

The Surge of Digital Payments in Restaurants

1. Convenience and Speed:

Digital payments provide quick and hassle-free transactions, saving time...

Are Digital Payments Safe?

Fraud is something businesses have dealt with for as long as businesses have been around. In fact,...

The five most important things people look for when dining out

1. Food Quality and Variety: Guests desire meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that go...

QR Codes: Are they worth it?


The restaurant world has undergone many changes over the last few years, borne from...