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Don't leave money on the table.

Make more money, save time, and wow your customers with FasTab.

View menus, split & pay tabs, leave reviews all from your phone.

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No apps, tablets, or downloads needed.

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% Larger Average bill
X Faster Table Turnover
/5 Average Review

Your guests love FasTab

No waiting around

Let your guests view your menu as soon as they sit down, and pay as soon as they're ready. No waiting on staff to start or end their experience.

Pay & Split the Tab

Your guests can view their bill in real time, settle from their phone whenever they're ready, and receive an e-mailed copy of their receipt when they've settled up.

Leave Feedback

Go beyond generalized data and understand your guests on a personalized level. Get real-time reviews from every guest at every seat, and turn first-time guests into regulars. And use FasTab to keep negative reviews in-house where they can be addressed properly, while sharing positive reviews online.

""I went to dinner with a couple of friends before a concert. Getting to use FasTab at the table completely took the stress out of leaving on time. We ordered food and drinks right up until we had to leave, settled up on our phones and hopped in a cab. I will definitely be using it again!!""

FasTab Customer - The Wood Tavern

Your servers love FasTab

"Five stars forsure. My tables order more, tip more, and turn more with Fastab. Plus I get more time to talk with them and convince them to come back and see me again. I wouldn't go back to working in a restaurant that doesn't give servers this tool."


Earn Higher Tips

Servers earn on average 30% higher tips on each table through FasTab.

Serve more tables

Tables turn over 2x faster on average through FasTab. That means more customers through your restaurant every shift.

Focus on what matters

With FasTab, servers can focus on the serving experience and take the time they used to spend facilitating transactions to build real, human connection.


Give your customers what they want. Give them FasTab.

You'll love FasTab

Make more Money

Restaurants that use FasTab earn on average 20% more per bill, and turn tables 5x faster. That's serious cash, in your pocket.

Wow more guests

Collect real-time reviews from every guest. Get notified about negative experiences and keep them in-house so you can address them, while guests with positive reviews are automatically invited to share them online.

Up and running in no time

No apps, no tablets, and no downloads needed. Just reach out and our Support Team will have your restaurant up and running right away.

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