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You have questions, we have answers!

It might not exist yet.

Your tab will only appear once you have ordered with your server. Just finished ordering? Your tab should appear momentarily once your server punches it in for the kitchen.

I think I have the wrong tab.

If your tab doesn’t appear to have the items you ordered, ask a server. You may have scanned a QR code assigned to a different table.

It could be with another table.

QR codes are assigned specific table numbers. If your QR code was accidentally placed on a different table you may be looking at the wrong code. Double check with your server to ensure you have the right QR code.

I need further assistance.

If you still do not have a tab after ordering, check in with your server for some assistance.

Apple/Google/Credit Card

You can pay your tab using the following fast payment methods: 

  • Apple Pay 

  • Google Pay 

If you are not familiar with either of those, you can also manually add your credit card number upon check out and simply pay with that!

Do I need to download an app to use FasTab?

Nope! The best part is FasTab is totally accessible through your web browser and only requires access to the internet or cellular data.

Do I need to use FasTab to pay?

Not at all! If you prefer to wait for the machine to be dropped off from your server you can wait and do so. FasTab puts the control back in your hands for when you decide to leave.

Does FasTab cost me anything to use?

No! FasTab is entirely free for all customers to use. It allows your experience to start and end when you please while removing the friction of waiting for payment terminals.

Does the entire table need to pay using FasTab?

No! If you have people joining who do not believe in fast payment options, they are not required to use FasTab. They can always wait to flag down your server and settle up their tab.

Can I see my order history?

FasTab allows you to create an account. Once that account is created we store all of your historical tabs and food items so you can remember your past favourites at all of our partnered restaurants.